The Homestead Internship and Education Fund

About The Homestead Internship and Education Fund

The Homestead Internship and Education Fund supports the development of skills and knowledge that relate to the Homestead values and experiences for students who live at the Homestead at any time during their Denison career. These experiences enhance educational experiences at Denison and further develop understanding and hands-on knowledge of sustainable building technologies, intentional communities, sustainable food and energy use and production, collective decision making, and/or land management. The experiences include, but are not limited to, the following: stipends for internships, summer internship support, attending student conferences and workshops, conducting research and projects at or related to the Homestead, other student-initiated programs that support and sustain the Homestead’s mission, values, physical maintenance, and continuity. Your gift to this fund enhances the experiences of Denison students and strengthens the Homestead today and in the future! Thank you for your support of this special initiative!